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The roofing industry in the region has boomed over the last couple of years; it has resulted in revenues that are ranging up to two billion dollars. The reason being, lots of roofs are repaired, and others replaced as a result of causes of various weather events. Leaks are not just caused by hurricanes; there are times that it may be caused by even weak regions on your roof and this can affect your assets. Here are warnings that you need to observe so that you know when you need to call the right roofing contractor in your region. For more details, check out SonShine Roofing at this website.

The age of the roof can cause a leak. Due to extreme weather that has drastically come about as a result of extreme heat, the roof expands and contract and eventually cracks after some years. You find that when the roof is heated for an extended period, it can cause the letting of tar that will hold shingles, the shingles hold other shingles, and this will cause lots of waste on top of your roof. This will cause the roof to age fast and thereby cause the roof to leak. There are other times that the flashing would peel off due to the condition caused by too much heat in the region.

Missing shingles could also be a major cause of roof leaks. It is good that you start thinking of shingles being that called armor layer on the roof. Thus, if anything happens wrong and a part of it starts to miss, then you would start experiencing protective barriers. Replacing the cracked or missing shingles is important, and you do need new shingles because this is a major issue. The process of replacement of the shingles including sliding the shingle and nailing it securely in its place. Do not wait for all the shingles to go missing since you would be adding up the cost amounts. For more details, check out SonShine Roofing at this website.

Having clogged gutters is not right since this eventually causes roof leaks. The work of the gutters around your house roof is to ensure that water is being channeled away from your home and shelter as well. However, having clogged gutters means that water will be stuck in there and when it fills up, there is going to be a major leak. Having water sitting on top of the roof is not a good thing since that water eventually sips down the roof and fall on to the attic. This causes rotting of wood when moisture and heat are exposed to the attic.


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Reasons Your Roof Will Leak